Styles By Hailey Wheeler

Hair & Makeup Artistry

Specialized in making you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day or event, I provide a relaxed and professional in studio or on-site experience. Experienced in over 7 years in the cosmetics and cosmetology industry and certified through MAC Cosmetics, I am confident that your makeup and pictures will look amazing! Hailey has a phenomenal talent as a hair & make-up artist! She uses high-quality products and is knowledgeable in choosing the right make-up and application technique for specific lighting. Not only does she ensure that she is achieving the look that her client is after, but she is also warm, friendly, and personable. Her calm demeanor helped the fast-paced wedding day to be relaxed and comfortable. 


About Hailey Wheeler...

I’ve done Hair & Makeup for weddings, bridal portraits, photo shoots, boudoir shoots, senior pictures, music videos and special events. Even after working with all of those people and all of those faces, my most memorable moment was practicing on my mother when I was a young girl. My mom was my first–and best client. I first learned what beauty really is while making her feel beautiful. Great hair & makeup isn’t about trying to duplicate the over-the-top, fashion “Glamazon”  you see on Paris runway or in a fashion magazine. Great hair & makeup transforms you into the radiant, elegant, gorgeous person you truly are–and it can do that no matter what you’re wearing or doing.  My beauty clients don’t walk away looking like a copy of someone else–they retain their individual beauty and personality. I love working with all different appearances, skin types, face shapes and ethnicities. Hair & Makeup is so amazing. You can use the same color definition (i.e. smoky eyes, nude lips and rouged cheeks) on a thousand different people and you’ll create a thousand different looks. We’re all so unique. The mark of a good hair & makeup artist is understanding the right techniques to create the perfect look for each individual. That’s what I strive to do on every job. That requires more than technical proficiency and the right tools. It requires artistry, creativity and a willingness to really listen to people–to understand what they need to look and feel their best. 

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years."

-Audrey Hepburn